Black Frida-y

I’ve done it. 1 metre of  Frida Kahlo material bought from my new favourite shop – ‘FloJo’s’ on The Gloucester Road.

presentation may not be all but it beats a bright yellow plastic bag
presentation may not be all but it beats a bright yellow plastic bag
...and it gets better! The material is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper! Matches the shop front!
…and it gets better! The material is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper! Matches the shop front!
there it is!
there it is!

Now the fabric on sale at ‘FloJo’s’ may be ( and I don’t think I’m doing my usual exaggeration trick here) three times the price of fabric sold by my ‘bit of rough’ (otherwise known as ‘Fabricland‘). BUT after having scoured the internet and all other material shops  I must accept that if you want a particular design (for example ‘Frida’s Garden’ – a fittingly quirky homage to the artist who seemed to wear most of it on her head. She wore her garden.  I’ll wear Frida .) then you have to pay for it.  You can easily pick up cheap polka dots, plain cotton, lightweight gingham…  but Frida Kahlo,

in black
in black
pretty colours...
pretty colours…
my first Frida love
my first Frida love



beautiful blossom
beautiful blossom

and any other fabric that I truly love  cannot be found (at least not by me) for  £3.69 per metre. ‘Fabricland‘ has much to  answer for.

And so, I was persuaded (by myself…) to part with the princely sum of £14 for a metre of fabric.

And guess which Frid-astic material I bought? The one where Frida  looks piggy? No. The one adorned with skeletons? No. ( Skeleton material is less  appealing the older one becomes…)

I did in fact go for this beautiful ‘bad girl’ (to use  the ‘lingo’ of my grown up children . What can I say? Sorry?) –

bold in black she's the one
bold in black
she’s the one

One major decision made (it only took me two months of Frida induced procrastination…), now  –

To make or not to make a Frida Kahlo summer pencil skirt?

-that became the self-doubt laden question…

Why? I’d bought the material after all. Well. there’s a column in the Saturday Times by Laura Craik where she poses the question ‘Am I too old for…?’

Am I?

I know that I am too old to wear Frida in all seriousness. And as I’ve mentioned in a different post, I’m certainly too old to go for the Day of the Dead Frida fabrics covered as they are in skulls and skeletons. (I know I go on about this but it is an issue for the older woman). However, I think I can just about  emit  a whiff of tongue-in-cheekiness wearing ‘Frida’s Garden’ and have fun doing so.  Sadly too old to be a style goddess. Fortunately too young to look care-in-the-community.  So, I’d better wear Frida while people can still laugh with me  rather than at me.

Might not have long so let me introduce ‘The Frida’ –

IMG_2335[1]Lots of Fridas hang out on  the washing line…


Hmm! Hard to imagine that the column that is this seemingly shapeless skirt will come to life when material meets body tomorrow,,, for better or worse…

Will it be a Black Frida-y?

Let me present to you ‘Black Frida’! Ta da ( imagine drum roll).

so it's not the best picture...
so it’s not the best picture…
the backside of Frida
the backside of Frida
oops! Should have worn long sleeves and refrained from moving my arms
oops! Should have worn long sleeves and refrained from moving my arms

One Frida skirt worn with my polka dot top with the Peter Pan collar.

Will find a more appropriate top later! I’m thinking perhaps  ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ meets ‘Frida’s Garden’.   Now wouldn’t that be just so very swashbucklingly floral?! (easier to write than to say)

These , admittedly, aren’t the best of photos but it’s an achievement that we have any at all as I had to call Gabriel back as he was rushing off to work so that he could take them. High pressure getting photos up for Frock Friday…

16 thoughts on “Black Frida-y”

  1. Love this dress! Great shape and an amazing fabric. I wish I had your perseverance (I know it took two months but still!) to bring my ideas about fashion to materialize. Instead I actually dress very simply now, almost too simply, all black – so I enjoy imagining the day when I will start adding color back into my wardrobe.

    1. I don’t know Suki, I love black. It’s always a great, not to mention stylish, choice. Colour can be so difficult to wear and whether it works or not depends on mood, light, weather. On a bad day I can feel a little like Coco the Clown. Then again, if it cheers people up that has to be a good thing (even if it is at my expense!), doesn’t it?

  2. We live in a wonderful time where silly rules about age-appropriateness are falling by the wayside. If you look good and feel good in an outfit, wear it, whether it be prim and proper or wildly rock and roll. That skirt looks great. Now go for the skulls if you want!

  3. Just joined your blog. Love Frida, but curious to know what age you are as you mention you are an older woman several times. I need to know, as I am surely much older than you, when its deemed unacceptable to be “out there”.

    I live in France so presumably thats about ?…25?haha

  4. Love the look … I too have bought some of the Frida fabric from Flo-Jo as well as a couple of knicker making kits … not got around to doing any sewing with them yet but will do … Your skirt is gorgeous and looks great with the top and belt. Sue

    1. Thanks Sue. I do love the Frida fabric. It would be good to see what you make with yours. As for the knicker making kits, they always look fun but I always think they must be difficult to sew. Intrigued to know how you get on. Isabella x

  5. You look FABULOUS. Your polka-dot top is inspired, the belt sends your look into orbit, and your sling-backs slay me! You should be gracing every red carpet in the world. 🙂

    1. That’s just about the most colourful compliment anyone has ever paid me. Love the ‘sling…slay…’. Great use of words Chloe H.. x

  6. I too have ogled that fabric for a long time, I love the exotic flora and fauna and of course Frida amongst it all! I think you did a fab job with the skirt, and you’re certainly never too old for a bit of Frida in your life (if you still think you are google Sue Kreitzman and think again).

    1. Have just googled Sue Kreitzman. Thank you for introducing me to her wonderfully colourful world. Sublime. x

  7. Frida Kahlo. I have a crush on all things Frida and have made Frida cushions and curtains. Never thought of making clothes but the skirt looks good. Might make one myself so that I can blend in to my home furnishings.

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