Black and White Gown


Je vous présente …

my Sew Arty Modigliani black and white gown (so it’s a top)!


What to sew next for my very own Sew Arty (not the Great British Sewing Bee) Challenge?
Black and white…?
I know that I’ve done it BUT I can’t help but share just a small number of the ruffed, collared and embellished black and white gowns that have caught my eye.
Considered (because they are so beautiful) but then quickly rejected (because they are also ruff-tastically, frill-diculously difficult), here they are –
A ruff-heavy selection perhaps but  all certainly striking. And there are so many more!
From the easily identifiable Manet’s ‘Bar at the Folies Bergères’. Black with white lace cuffs and collar

manet bar at the folies bergeresindex

to two less familiar pieces by Gauguin.
‘Tahitian woman wearing a black dress’ with decorative white cuffs and collar-

Gauguin's Tahitian Woman

‘ Loulou’, also with white cuffs and collar

Gauguin's Loulou

Then there’s my runner-up, Chagall’s painting of his wife – ‘Bella with White Collar’ (not forgetting the cuffs)

Chagall's black and white collar

Oh! Those flouncy cuffs and even flouncier collar!
Could Bella and Modigliani’s girl with the red hair have bought their frocks in the same shop? Both based in Paris. Both painted in 1917…
But  no more swashbuckling, New Romantic black and white for me.  At least, not for a while.

After celebrating Chinese New Year I now want to make something red.

Why red?
My top 3 reasons
  • Because , according to Chinese culture, red symbolises luck and wards off evil
  • red suits me
  • I like red
Very straightforward. And, to just search for one colour should make my research so much easier. Here’s to finding a painting to inspire my next Sew Arty sewing project!


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