Reading – Alone or Together?

Reading – Alone or Together?
Dear Izzy,
I’ve enjoyed reading about your book group.
For me, reading is a solitary pleasure, something to savour curled up on the sofa wrapped in my big furry comfort blanket, preferably with the fire for company. My own little world – a bit like this:

books taking over
books taking over

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But a group gets you thinking in new ways and reading books you’d never have thought to pick up. Like A Dance to The Music Of Time. I’m intrigued now!

People are talking about book groups at the moment – at least to me they are! A few friends who aren’t in one have looked wistful when the subject comes up and said they’d love to join one if only they could find the time – or even find a group! And sometimes reading is just a bit too solitary.
Here’s how my friend Aida got herself some book group therapy – Starting Your Own Book Group

2 thoughts on “Reading – Alone or Together?”

  1. Dear Izzy
    Why not do book reviews of the books we read in our reading group? I know they would be interesting for others to read.

    Love Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I think that’s a great idea. I would love to review the books we do for reading group. I did think that perhaps the person who suggested the book for that month might like to review it first. I’ll ask to see what people think.
      Izzy x

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