Dear Izzy,

I love living in the city, there’s so much going on. But sometimes it seems to be wasted on me. I’ve been spending lots of time staying in – it’s so easy and comfortable to light a fire and turn on the TV.
Well last Saturday was different. I did what we promised each other and got a life.
My nephew’s staying with us and that was a spur to get us out of the house and show him the city.
I don’t think he was expecting Shakespeare though! He’s blanked out all memory of Shakespeare at school so this was new for him, but he was still smiling at the end.
I loved it. Perhaps it helps if you stay in for weeks, then you’re bound to get excited.
But  I think you’d like it anyway. Want to see what I wrote about it?
Will you go and see it?

Hi Connie,

I know what you mean. Although there’s nothing wrong with lighting the fire and turning on the TV – when you choose to do it. And tonight I’ve chosen to go and see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at The Tobacco Factory. Very excited after seeing your review. Think I’ll wear my ‘When Geza Met Frida’ outfit. Love going to the Tobacco Factory!

Love Izzy xxx

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