Cherries or strawberries?

This post is for my sister-in-law Claire.

I’ve not got round to posting my Friday frocks for a week or two and I must confess that I did start to miss it. Instead I foist myself upon my sister-in-law Claire in Newcastle and wore them there. Not all of them but as many as I could.

Oh breakfast, let me put on my yellow cherry dress.


Oh, are we going out for lunch? I’d better change into my red polka dot frock.


Oh, we’re sitting in the garden, I’d better rush imageand put on my rosie green number.
Claire has just moved into a new house – boxes everywhere – and, worse still, NO INTERNET.
So I subjected Claire to a frock frenzy. I couldn’t show her my dresses on the blog so I would have to wear them.
Sometimes I think that I must have been a really irritating child.
Then Claire said , ‘Did you make that dress?’
By this time even I was beginning to find myself insufferable. Also,  most shameful of shamefuls, in my desire to finish my latest frock I’d not got round to buying her a housewarming gift.  I’d fully intended to  (yes I know, the road to hell and all that…)but I’d somehow got stuck to my sewing machine.
But she really seemed to like my rosie green dress. She even tried it on.
Then I had it. That lightbulb -, Eureka- , call it what you will, moment.

I could make her my dress.

I could make her a dress as a ‘Good Luck in your New Home’ present.

As soon as I came home I went down to Fabricland to buy some fabric (unsurprisingly). Claire likes pink but try as I might I couldn’t see anything suitable. I went up and down and up and down and up and down  the rolls of material.
 Could we get away with pink cupcake material? Or a little pig design? I could hear my sensible self screeching ‘Don’t do it Isabella!’ 
Then I saw it. White with a strawberry design. But then I saw another one. White with a cherry design. What was I to do?
I bought both. That is, after all, the joy of Fabricland!
And here they are –  two fruity frocks.
So what’s it going to be Claire? Cherries or strawberries? The choice is yours.

The case for cherries…
The material is slightly thicker than the strawberry fabric
the pattern is busier, more colourful and less likely to show marks

cherry red
cherries in the garden
cherries with handknitted cardigan

                                          and yet more cherries – with chunky belt

And now the case for strawberries…
there is a white heart detail on the material which you can’t see in the pictures
the skirt is lined

very white – what not to wear when you eat spaghetti Bolognese
the strawberry material is thinner than the cherry

big skirt


Look! It’s lined!

(to avoid the Lady Di effect when standing against the light)

                                         No zip, just a button at the neck

So Claire, cherry or strawberry, what sort of fruity frock girl are you?
You would look beautiful in either so the choice is yours. Let me know and I’ll send it up. Thank you for having me to stay!
Oh no! But what are we going to get for Andy?

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