Empty Nest

Making the best of an empty nest.

Dreading the time when they leave home? Or just can’t wait?  Either way, it will be difficult. For a time. Transition always is.

In this section we will be developing help and advice on navigating the sometimes choppy waters as your child approaches adulthood, to cover the following areas –

Going on a gap-year

Accessing higher education

Getting a job


and we are always open to discuss topics which affect you as a parent so please feel free to put forward your ideas.

3 thoughts on “Empty Nest”

  1. This time is fast approaching for me! My son is due to head to uni in September.
    I always imagined that I would relish the opportunity to turn his bedroom into my new craft/art room, but thought of having anything but my son in his room as the time draws near is beyond my imagination.
    I’m sure that will change though. 🙂

    1. It’s true, and you can never replace him. But enjoy getting that room ready as soon as you can and throw yourself into your craft/art projects. This will help you adjust to your empty nest. And, before you know what’s happened, he will be back (uni terms fly past and uni holidays are long). Then you’ll have both! He’ll just have to get used to having a few of your arty bits and pieces in his room…x

      1. Yes, don’t make their room into a shrine. We left our kid’s rooms empty, not wanting to hurt their feelings, but it hurt mine dreadfully each time I went in there. Shutting the door didn’t help. I’m getting a lodger to fill the space!

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