Fat Lamb Diary

Keeping in Touch with Children at University : Fat Lamb Diary

lambs getting fatter
lambs getting fatter

There are of course plenty of methods of keeping in touch these days, and my cousin Grace chose to email her kids pictures of the country life they had left behind when they took off to university in the big cities.
Her elder daughter Megan was seriously homesick (when she found the time to remember) and missed her family, the dog, the hens and the country farming village they live in.
And when Spring brought the return of baby lambs to their field, my cousin just had to share an exciting – and very cute – picture: a little black lamb using her best presentation skills which you can see on the link below.

Of course it was a great hit – Megan (now slightly less homesick) phoned immediately to ask for more. She wanted to see the lambs grow and hear all about their very entertaining antics. So the diaries became a regular thing, recording frolicking lambs and hassled mother sheep for the entertainment of her children.

Soon the diaries were in demand from the rest of the family too, where it appeared there was a great need for cute animal pictures (especially when you had actually met some of them)….… dramatic stories of aggressive sheep….…and funny pictures of inquisitive lambs getting older and bolder.

I had my share of the Fat Lamb diaries, and then when we went to visit, we went straight out to the field to see how the lambs were getting on. They were always much bigger than we expected.
The lambs are back again this year, white ones this time and still young and shy:

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