Food, friends, family

Food, friends, family.

I’ve had a busy few days. I managed to avoid the chocolate but …

The festivities started Tuesday with supper at Zazu’s Kitchen on the Gloucester Road where I, along with Mrs Moodles, Gail, Dotty, and Dotty’s two daughters, took advantage of the Bring a Friend for Free offer. No chocolate.

Healthy. Sort of.

Then Thursday, Gabriel and I hosted a Food for Friends evening with Martina, Phil, Elizabeth and Charlie. We chose a French menu

you can never have enough candles...
you can never have enough candles…

Fragile Friday. Despite not having indulged in chocolate, I couldn’t squeeze into a frock the next morning. A French menu? Enough said. I still felt full as I drove up to the Yorkshire Dales to see family. (Actually, time to ‘fess up – excuse the contraction – Gabriel was driving, not me. Due to my excess-of-French-food fragility, I was sitting in a semi-coma in the passenger seat, head intermittently cracking against the half-wound-down window,  gulping in the cold air. )

Six interminable hours later (‘West Coast main line : Easter weekend closure‘), we met up in Hawes with Gabriel’s brother Alan and his wife, Clara, as well as his cousin Rona and her friend Stefan.

Alan and Clara are superb physical specimens – fit, energetic, dynamic. And organized.  We met. We followed. If anyone had suggested that we go straight to the Charles Bathurst Inn

I would have feigned disappointment at having to forego the walk, but would have magnanimously caved in – ‘ Oh! Well! If you think it’s not worth walking. I really don’t mind. I suppose the rain IS getting worse, and it IS late. AND we haven’t had lunch yet. But it’s up to you…’

But that didn’t happen.

Three hours and seven miles later, I felt warm, happy and invigorated, hood down, enjoying the raindrops on my face . Now we could go to the Inn.  And as I glanced in the mirror, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Nor could I stop playing the very annoying ‘School’s Out’ in my head …

By the time we arrived, Alice Cooper had disappeared, replaced by a very hungry albino panda with a craving for stodge ( I know). As I ran to the room to carry out a few essential damage limitation measures, I heard  Clara call after me, ‘The table’s booked for 7.30.’  Eating would recommence in 45 minutes.

and no, I didn't choose the lamb!
and no, I didn’t choose the lamb!

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