Having Fun

We’ve introduced a new, possibly nauseating-but-meant-to-be-inspirational section entitled ‘Having Fun‘.  Just had to have one as a result of our latest e-mail chat –


Dear Izzy,

Time for another step!
The end of the week is in sight and another opportunity to cheer
ourselves up.  We have a birthday party to look forward to!
I’ve been looking at the invitation again and it’s, well, very
inviting…  our generous friend offers us a new and unexplored venue, bubbly and canapes, a new and unexplored band. And of course dancing.
Sharing indeed! Can’t wait!



Oh Connie,

Amazing, isn’t it?  I haven’t danced in ages. I can’t wait. ..it all sounds so grown-up and glamorous… I haven’t got a thing to wear… Don’t know if I want to go.  Feeling like I’m coming down with something. Really.

Izzy x


Dear Izzy,

I don’t believe you…

Connie  x


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