I have a love-hate relationship with this section!  The fun  ( party) section.  My default setting is ‘miserable’ and I hate hate hate  logging on to facebook to see  ‘friends’ all having ‘fun, fun, fun’ at a party that I haven’t been invited to.

Hmm. But that’s it….not been invited to.

Even the phrase is passive.

But over the years I’ve learnt 2 (very obvious to me now)  lessons.

Lesson 1

A reluctant shrinking violet most of my life, I’ve recently discovered that if you’re visible you’re included (most of the time). Turn down invitations at your peril as they very quickly dry up no matter how lovely you are.  People think that you just don’t want to go.  It took me years to understand why Jinny was in every party picture when even her ‘friends’ complained about how mean she could be. Jinny was mean but she at least didn’t offend them by refusing to go to  their parties…

Lesson 2

Feel like going to a party? Then organize your own.  Don’t wait around for someone else to do it – it might never happen.  Invite lots of people because invariably there will be people who will turn you down.  And then you’ll understand lesson 1.

And so, this section is intended to motivate you and show you that if I can do it ( I wouldn’t put Connie in the same party-refusnik camp) then you can too.

Time to move from passive to active.


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