When Geza Met Frida

As my soundtrack-to-sew-red-by  fades and my third Sew Arty challenge draws to an end  a new song gets into my head.

Meatloaf! I’m puzzled. I mean, why?

I look at my Sew Arty finished garmentDSC03009then at the beautiful painting by the Hungarian artist, Geza Voros, which inspired it –Woman in Red (1933)                                                    Woman in Red (1933)

True, it’s not an exact red replica, more a loose red interpretation.

BUT it is wearable –gezafridaI’m wearing it, aren’t I?!

AND, looking on the bright side, it’s given my handmade Frida skirt a new lease of life –DSC03015There’s fabric Frida, who is also wearing red. 

Sew! Two out of three ain’t bad.  Take it away Meatloaf!


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