Got Gorge-ous

I did it.  I ‘got gorgeous’ (it’s not what you think).  And, if I can do it so can you.

Here’s your picture clue –


I did the ‘Get Gorge-ous’ Bristol to Cheddar Gorge cycling challenge organised by the CTC.
And so I was introduced to the world of cycling.  I’m still not very good at it but I really don’t care.  I love it. To be out in the open and cycle past fields and through woods is exhilarating.  And to struggle up hills while mentally singing Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour de France’ one moment (not completely without irony) and to whizz down hills (although my hands  are always firmly pulling on the brakes so I never whizz too much) is an excitement of the sort that I never thought I would experience.
Occasionally I panic, imagining ‘Woman crushed on bike in country lane by juggernaut’ type headlines and sometimes my knees don’t hold up as well as they ought but cycling is an experience that I would like everyone to be able to enjoy.  If I can do it…

2 thoughts on “Got Gorge-ous”

  1. I too have recently discovered the joys of cycling – even as 50 looms large on the horizon and heavily upholstered with my own personal saddlebags – I can now chug up those hills with the rest of em’ – admittedly they’re already down the other side by the time I get to the top, but nonetheless I give myself a little gold star every time for having the biking balls to have go! There’s even new designer kit available for the larger lady a velo these days – encouragingly called “Fat Lass At the Back” (FLAB)- who could resist being adorned with such a loving label? Hopefully in time though, I may well be the Fat Lass in the Middle and then one day in Dreamsville Not So Fat Lass Closer To The Front, but in the meantime I’ll keep chugging up those hills and gritting my teeth. I do enjoy it – usually after the event! It has taught me that life’s not about being good at something, it’s about having a go…….

    1. Did the Fat Lad/Lass ‘entrepreneurs’ get their business off the ground? Even after it was laughed out of the ‘Dragons’ Den’? Hope they’ve got a FLIM (Fat Lass in the Middle) and a FLAF (Fat Lass at the Front) range too. FLAB, FLIM, FLAF. Patronising ‘Orrible Old Sods (aka ‘Poos’…).
      But honestly Chris, give yourself a huge gold star. So, it might have taught you that you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it, but I bet that now that you ARE good, it shows you that by giving something a go, and by keeping on at it, you do eventually get pretty damned amazing at it. Don’t be modest! Toot that trumpet! Or is that what powers you up those hills? Lovely to hear from you. x

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