My books to date have been works of historical fiction.

‘The Artist’s Muse’, the first novel I wrote, is immersed in the glittering yet sordid world of art in fin-de-siecle Vienna.

‘A Forbidden Love’, my second, is set during the Spanish Civil War.

‘The Woman in the Painting’, my third, is about the Renaissance master Raphael and explores his relationship with the woman in the painting he finished towards the end of his short life that we now know as ‘la fornarina’ – the baker’s daughter.

They all have strong female characters and each one challenges the way history has portrayed, or in some cases, overlooked them. In ‘The Artist’s Muse’ the narrator, Wally Neuzil, finds her voice to show that is she more than ‘matter without a soul’. In ‘A Forbidden Love’ the central character, Maria Alvaro, exposes the vile crimes perpetrated against women during the Spanish Civil War. In ‘The Woman in the Painting’ we learn that Margarita Luti is not the sex-crazed whore the history of art has loved to portray her as.

With each novel I have been committed to righting a wrong and challenging the way history has represented, or – as in the case of ‘A Forbidden Love’ – forgotten, our women.

Unashamedly feminist to the end!

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