Overture/Combray : questions…

Overture/Combray : questions…

These may seem a little like questions for an undergraduate and that’s because that’s what they are. Questions for an undergraduate. As found on an end-of-year exam.

Seemed as good a place to start as any…

And the questions might provide useful points of discussion (as well as helping us understand what we are reading). So,

1) ‘La véritable réalité ne se forme que dans la mémoire.’ Discuss with reference to Combray.

2) ‘Un livre est le produit d’un autre moi que celui que nous nous manifestons dans nos habitudes, dans la société, dans nos vices.'(Proust). Discuss with reference to Combray.

3) ‘The story of Combray is the story of a loss of innocence.’ Discuss.

4) The recovery of lost time, for Proust, is above all a matter of literary style. Discuss with reference to Combray.

5) ‘une foule de vérités relatives aux passions, aux caractères, aux moeurs'(Proust). Discuss Combray in light of this description.

6) ‘There is more comedy than nostalgia in Combray.’ Discuss.

Bonne chance!

2 thoughts on “Overture/Combray : questions…”

  1. Exam questions! you’re having a laugh I hope Isabella? I nearly put the book back on the shelf when I saw them. I’m afraid you won’t get 2000 words of witty and original commentary from me, so don’t get your hopes too high…

    1. I know! And I am! Thought they might help us a little. Feeling daunted by the enormity of reading Proust. Have had lots of ‘Bet that’ll be popular!’ when I’ve told family and friends about it….Ho!Ho!

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