Not the GBSB Week 3 : Geza Voros (Who?)

week 3 – ‘Sew your own Geza Voros’

Woman in Red (1933)
Woman in Red (1933)
After hours of research it had to be the Voros.
reddresssingersargentI’d toyed with the idea of the Singer Sargent. Too flamboyant.marc-chagall-portrait-of-vavaConsidered one Chagall. Too diagonal.
redchagallimagesThen another. No horse.

But in the end I had to make a garment that I could and would wear.

Granted, I hadn’t even heard of Geza Voros before last week. I even had trouble remembering his name for a few days (on Sunday he was Gesaz Voro; on Monday, Gezas Voroz; on Tuesday, Gesa Voroz…) . But, now I can get my tongue round his name, I’ve become a real advocate of his painting. Or, at least of one of them –

‘Woman in Red’          Woman in Red (1933)

Elegantly elongated. Bold blocks of colour. And it looked the easiest dress to make.

So(sew) I started.

I bought –

  • 1 metre of red material (approximate cost £4 from ‘Fabricland’)
  • red thread
  • 1 button

I used this pattern (again)-IMG_3709[1]with a view to adapting this top in particular –IMG_3710[1]All that I needed to do was apply the scalloped edge and lengthen the sleeves. How difficult could that be?

Brace yourselves.

After many attempts ( and I courageously bare my soul and share my sewing failures with you) –IMG_3697[1]I eventually turned to the you-tube tutorial on how to sew a scalloped hem. I don’t think they’ll be parading me as their finest pupil, but, the fact that it didn’t resemble a coxcomb by the time I’d finished watching it was good enough for me. Which is more than I can say for my second freehand attempt.IMG_3700[1]

coxcomb‘Girl in the coxcomb dress’?

My final version still isn’t perfect but it’s certainly better than some of my earlier efforts –


And so, I present to you a modern take (that means I’ve made it into a top and the only similarity with the Voros is the colour…) on ‘Woman in Red’ –

DSC03013Well, it IS red…

And I’ve allowed myself quite a generous helping of artistic licence .

Red. The first artist that came to mind was Frida Kahlo.  Don’t know why. I felt sure that Frida would have painted a red dress  somewhere but I just couldn’t find it. In fact, if Frida had had her ‘colours done’ (!) red would have featured. Probably. And so, in a spirit of artistic ‘entente cordiale’, and dressing Frida in the red that would have suited her so well , I have put together my very own ‘When Geza Met Frida’ outfit –

DSC03015And look! Frida is wearing red in the material. A textile equivalent of a ‘mise en abîme’…Never thought I’d see one of those.


  • red √
  • inspired by Geza Voros √
  • explicit visual reference to Frida Kahlo √
  • textile Frida wears red √

My third Sew Arty challenge has been a sort-of success.

Although more of an interpretation of the Voros than a slavish replica, it certainly is wearable and has given my Frida skirt a new lease of life. Two out of three ain’t bad.




5 thoughts on “Not the GBSB Week 3 : Geza Voros (Who?)”

  1. Thank you for sharing your attempts not just the finished article. Makes me feel that I can have a go too. Inspirational. Like the finished article by the way.

    1. Good. That was my intention. Have a go, Olivia. I would love to see what you make. Thanks for the message. Izzy x

    1. Thanks for the link Elizabeth. I do like it and I love Kees van Dongen! I’ll see if there’s anything I’d like to wear in his paintings. I’ll certainly have a look through the Kees van Dongen painting wardrobe… x

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