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In my first week of my not the Great British Sewing Bee Challenge I made a Call the Midwife the midwife

The Great British Sewing Bee seems to be going for fashion decades, at least  so far (the fabulous 50’s last night and ever-so-varied 80’s next week). However, I’m sticking to my guns and staying with my art-inspired theme.

For week 2 I’ve gone sew arty, inspired by Modigliani’s ‘Woman with Red Hair’ –

my inspiration
my inspiration

Now you might think that this is cheating. Deja vu?  Black. White. Big white collar. Again. But no. This sew-arty challenge is completely different… Or, at least, dastardly difficult (for me).

To start with, to be true to the Modigliani I’m going to attempt to

  • add sleeves ( a sewing first for me)
  • find a suitably light and diaphanous white fabric for the collar (my GBSB  ‘sheer’  challenge)
  • work out how to make the collar and attach it

A dastardly difficult dress! Might have to make it a top as I’ve only got 1 metre of black fabric to play with (so much for staying true to the Modigliani…)

Wish me luck  with my Sew Arty Challenge : The Modigliani  (it’s not the Great British Sewing Bee but click on link to see how I manage to cut my coat to suit my cloth…)

my Sew Arty Challenge:The Modigliani


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