Ahh Toots review

What could be more fun than exploring a city ( in this instance Bristol) and discovering a real gem?


what a display
what a display

Or, in their own words, to discover

unashamedly boastful
unashamedly boastful

Now I can’t resist a cheeky boast and this did it for me. Luring me over, it just got better and better.

model cake - could be the cover of a magazine
model cake –
could be the cover of a magazine

If I had a cake shop I would want it to be like this one. Personal, with little messages (handwritten, just as the cakes are handmade) reaching out to you wherever you look, connecting you and bringing you in –

personal spaces
personal spaces
Handmade Cakes
handwritten cosy
handwritten cosy messages

And it’s confident enough to ask you –

flagrant self-publication
flagrant self-publication

How could you not?  Effective. So effective that I’ve written this review because I loved what I saw (and tasted) and I want to share it.

So, impressed by the thoughtful stylishness of Ahh Toots I bought a slice of date and walnut cake  and a chocolate brownie (excuse picture quality),

IMG_3294[1] beautifully packaged in a brown cardboard box as understated as the Ahh Toots  sign  –

stylishly understated
stylishly understated
what's in the box?
what’s in the box?

And they tasted as good as they looked.

In the perfect marriage of form and substance that is Ahh Toots the whole experience was just right.  Delicious cakes, delightfully displayed.

And then I saw this –

votes for women - a winner
votes for women – a winner

Ahh Toots! Genius! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.


‘Ahh Toots’ – aesthetically pleasing cakeshop with seating space in the Glass Arcade, St Nick’s Market

http://www.ahhtoots.co.uk/cakes   – for more info, pictures, cakes


Ahh Toots   is located at:
4-8 Glass Arcade,
St Nicholas Market,

Contact No.: 07788843960

Opening Hours:

First Sunday of the Month

3 thoughts on “Ahh Toots review”

  1. Got a birthday cake here for my mother. Quite pricey but great the mother liked it so money well spent. Hadn’t heard of it before.

    1. Thank you! This may be intended for the lovely Ahh Toots women but I’ll take it at any rate just in case it’s from J, T or H or my mum? xxx H??? xxxx

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