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Hi and welcome to the website ‘Frock Friday’!  It’s a website for anyone looking for motivation to get up and start living, inspiration as to where to start and confirmation that they’re not alone  – there are lots of people all looking to embrace life and find something that adds joy and meaning to their lives.

Come on in and discover how to join the party, or the walking group, or the dancing class, or the reading group or the… (well why don’t you just have a wander round the site to see just exactly what you can do) and let the Frock Friday phenomenon begin.

Life is too short not to live it.

The Editor and contributors

Although I initially devised Frock Friday and all that it stands for  as a way to fill the time formerly taken up with children and their busy lives this site is not exclusively for ’empty-nesters’ . Admittedly it has been very useful in helping to get me back out there and does chart my personal steps in reclaiming a life of my own  but I hope that it can also help anyone who just wants to grow and find meaning in their lives no matter what their age.

Frock Friday isn’t  just a reference site – although it does aim to be informative and to provide clear details so that you can  follow up on a suggestion that you’ve read about here  should you wish to do so.

Nor is it just the ramblings of one mother looking to share her ( my…) highly subjective experiences in the pursuit of a social life.

But it is a site whose contributors write about activities, places and experiences which have significance for them  and in so doing they aim to share some of their joy and enthusiasm.

Frock Friday? What started as a blog about making frocks to wear on a Friday  has metamorphosed into a celebration of life and living. And that’s something that we can all do with a bit more of. no matter what our age.

Contributors : Isabella Morgan, mother of dragons, sewer of clothes, reader of novels.

Connie Johnson, ex-lawyer, mother of daughters, artist, writer.

Kerry Postle, lover of Proust, mother of sons,  author of the novel The Artist’s Muse     UK    /     The Artist’s Muse  USA

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