Vintage Pledge Number 2

P1040920 Vintage Pledge Number 2

Not a whole lot different from Vintage Pledge Number 1 to be honest. Same pattern (Vintage Vogue), same slash neck option.IMG_1603[1]Fabric-wise though, I opted for an old-fashioned rose pattern. I thought that I’d seen it somewhere before. Perhaps on my grandmother’s aprons. Or even on her bedroom walls.

Swept off my feet by the romance of nostalgia, I bought 5 metres of the stuff, convinced that it must remind me of my childhood.  At least on a subliminal level.  Later, as I was watching TV, I realised that I had seen it before. Adorning the wall. In a Flora margarine advert…

P1040920Flora. Rich in polyunsaturates…  Annoying what a mind holds on to.

But now I had 5 metres. And I had to do something with them. Thankfully none of my friends watch TV as much as I do so I forged ahead.

And here is the finished garment.

P1040936                                                              front view

I like to wear my 50’s vintage dresses with a wide black belt, but, with this fabric I think the black creates too harsh  a contrast. The pattern includes a sash in the same fabric – I might have to make one.

P1040933                                                                     back view


The pattern also includes delicate button loops for the shoulders. I tried and failed at these (evidence now in the bin) and so I prefer to sew the shoulder openings down and sew buttons for decoration ( I just slip the dress over my head, then zip it up at the side).  Delicate button loops are a lovely detail but…

had to go for a delicate colour instead.

pale pink fabric buttons


I then rummaged round my wardrobe to see what I could wear with it.

First up is a neat ( as in possibly too small for me) bolero.


I like this but the black belt is wrong.

P1040938Next for critical appraisal is the denim jacket. I’ve worn this today and although it doesn’t look great on Fifi my ‘model’, when I put it on today it dressed down the 50’s vintage vibe, which, when you’re off to the supermarket, is not a bad idea. The black belt looks fine here.


Then I uncovered a rich seam of pink cardigans. Not only did I find a pink bolero, but, crumpled on the floor of my bedroom, under the washing basket, I found this. Once ironed it goes really well, picking up the pink in the rose.

P1040944 I even managed to pull out a handknitted cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and uneven frill (I remember rushing to finish).

On a cardigan roll, I couldn’t stop. Trying white for a good-girl-Sandy-in-Grease look (sadly not, nor has ever been, me). Then blue, for a nearly-goes-but-not-quite feel (which unfortunately is more authentically me).

P1040952But then I found it. My two metres of sewn-to-make-it-look-like-a-silk-wrap lining material. A devil to iron, but I think it works. Clearly not to wear for work but as I’m going to a couple of weddings soon I think I might have found an outfit. Or rather, the outfit.

P1040949P1040948Just need to change the belt and hit the charity shops for a matching bag. I’ve got apair of old silk pink shoes hanging around. Somewhere. Might take me some time to unearth them but I know they’re there somewhere. And I might even make a frou-frou petticoat.

As for the leftover dress  fabric, my friend Elizabeth is having a knicker-making party. Could take it to that. But that might be going too far…

LINKFILE  and price info

  • 5 metres of floral fabric  £3.95 a metre ( I always buy a little more than I need. Perhaps I will make matching knickers!)    £19.75
  • 1 pale blue zip   60p
  • 1 reel of pale blue cotton  £1.42
  • 6 delicate pink buttons at 59p each    £3.54

TOTAL :  £25.31

all from fabricland


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